Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Congratulations to the Cumberland County Playhouse! BroadwayWorld.com's Nashville Theatre Awards were Sunday night and Cumberland County Playhouse cleaned up! Below are they categories that they won.

-Best Play (non-professional): The Best Chrsitmas Pageant Ever, Cumberland County Playhouse
-Best Play (professional): Duck Hunter Shoots Angel, Cumberland County Playhouse

-Best Musical (professional): Brigadoon, Cumberland County Playhouse

-Best New Work: Mark Allen's Tinyard Hill, Cumberland County Playhouse

-Best Director/Play (professional): Donald Fann, Duck Hunter Shoots Angel

-Best Director/Musical (professional): Michele Colvin, Brigadoon

-Best Music Director (professional): Ron Murphy, Brigadoon

-Best Actor/Musical (professional): Britt Hancock, Brigadoon

-Best Actor/Play (professional): Jason Ross, Duck Hunter Shoots Angel

-Best Costume Design (professional): Rebel Mickelson, A Little Night Music, Cumberland County Playhouse

-Best Lighting Design (professional): Tony Lathroum, Duck Hunter Shoots Angel

-Best Set Design (professional): John Fionte, Duck Hunter Shoots Angel

I have to say, I saw A Little Night Music and Brigadoon and both were wonderful. Cumberland County Playhouse has always been close to my heart, since they are close to my home. They are my little piece of Broadway in my backyard, so I was very happy (though not terribly surprised) that they did so well.

All info from this article was found HERE. Photo coverage of the event can be found HERE.

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