Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Penelope

Some of you might not know me from the world of theatre. Some of you may know me from my other blog instead. I live with Type 1 diabetes. I've had diabetes since I was 4 years old. Part of my diabetes management is insulin that I take through an insulin pump that I wear twenty-four seven. 

Sometimes my world of theatre makes it's way into my world of diabetes.I purchased a skin for my insulin pump. And I named her (this is normal in the world of diabetes).

Meet Penelope.  

Obviously, I went with my favorite musical American Idiot. I figure if I'm gonna have something attached to me 24/7, I want it to represent a little bit of myself. In fact, my last insulin pump had a Wicked skin. Her name was Lola. 

See? Theatre can take over all kinds of areas of your life if you let it. :) Some people get tattoos of their favorite musicals.... I just stick them on my insulin pump.

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