Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just a Few More Days: 2012 Tonys

Living in the middle of nowhere and having very little access to theatre has been the story of my life. With age (and a degree and a full-time job) I have had the chance to bring more theatre into my life, but the fact still remains that I am in the lowest paid career with a degree in the next to the lowest paid field. Money is tight, so as much as I would love to jet off to New York a couple of times a month, that's not happening any time soon. Unless someone is rich. And single. And wants to marry me. Just saying.

But even as a young person I loved my theatre. And if I knew when the Tony Awards were on (which I rarely did), I watched them. I remember seeing performances of shows that I'd never see in my life. In a city I wouldn't visit until I was nearly 18. But I was still amazed. I loved seeing the shows and hearing the songs and watching the people get their shiny awards.

The Tony Awards, along with the Kennedy Center Honors, are really the only times that I ever get to enjoy Broadway theatre at home on my television. So the Tonys, to me, are a big deal. This year I set up my laptop in my bathroom and streamed the Tony nominations while I got ready for work. Yup, I'm that dork.

The Tonys are just a few days away now. I have my Sunday evening blocked off. Sadly, as I am really the only person around here that likes theatre, there will be no Tony party. Just me, my twitter account, and my television.

The one thing that I love more than anything is the fact that there will be people, especially young people, sitting all over the country on Sunday night watching the magic of Broadway come to life. Some of them may have never been to New York. Some of them may have a dream of making it to the Great White Way. Some of them may be like me and just wish they could be there.

No matter, it's that one time of year that Broadway comes to me. There is no guessing where I will be on Sunday night at 7 EST. I'll be parked on my couch with the TV on. And hoping that somewhere along the way someone, somewhere is flipping channels and decides to stop on the awards show, just to see what it's all about.

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  1. Others will be with you in spirit! I find the Tony's one of the more entertaining awards shows on TV, and so far this year, I got to see a few nominees!