Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Tony Awards....Awards

It's the night after the 2015 Tony Awards. I've had just over 24 hours to soak in the night and discuss the show with all my theatre loving friends. And I had an idea. I want to give out my own set of awards for the Tonys. My Tony Awards Awards.
So, onward we go......

Best Dressed Tony Winner

In my opinion, the best dressed Tony winner of the night was Annaleigh Ashford. I adored the green dress she was wearing. And her acceptance speech was amazing as well. 

Most Overdue Tony Win

Kelli O'Hara. How has this spectacular creature gone without a Tony win for so long? She had six, yes SIX Tony Nominations. And until last night was winless. Bridges of Madison County, Nice Work If You Can Get It, South Pacific, A Light in the Piazza. Really....how is it possible? Oh, yeah...and nothing beats Kelli O'Hara doing the Worm. 

Best Tony Award Acceptance Speech

I adore Ruthie Ann Miles. ADORE. She was spectacular in Here Lies Love and I have no doubts she was totally deserving of the Tony for The King and I. I know there were some stellar Tony speeches last night, but Ruthie Ann Miles' speech won by a long shot in my world. 


Best Tony Musical Performance

It would be easy to give this one out to the spectacular performance from Fun Home. The piece was amazing and Sydney Lucas is a talent that is beyond compare. 


But I'm going to give it a tie with a non-Tony nominated It Should Have Been You, and Jenny
Steinberg's show-stopping performance.

Most Robbed Tony Award

It is hard for me to judge, since I only saw one Tony nominated show this year. However, I can be biased because this is my blog. HOW THE HECK DID STEVEN BOYER NOT WIN?!?!?! Really, I'm sure that other guy was amazing and I heard wonderful things about Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. But Hand to God was possibly the most amazing play I've seen in a few years. And Steven Boyer's performance was amazing. If for no other reason than he played TWO roles to PERFECTION at the SAME TIME. 

Most Awkward Moment

This year's Tony Awards were full of awkward moments. More than usual, methinks. However, there were two that stood out to me. First: Kristin Chenoweth as E.T.
Weird. Just WEIRD. 

Second: The playing off of the Fun Home acceptance speeches for Best Musical in order to.... PLAY A JERSEY BOYS song?!?!? Let me hear the Tony speech please. Best Musical acceptance speech beats an awkward song at the end of the show. Really. 

So, what were you're Tony Awards Awards? Did you have anything that stood out in particular to you? Disagree with a choice I made? What would yours have been? 

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  1. My thoughts, I was happy that Kelli O'Hara finally got a Tony, though I feel that her win was more for her body of work than this one particular performance. I was kind of disappointed in this production of The King and I actually. For Best Lead Actor in a Play, I still haven't seen Hand to God but I promise that Alex Sharp's win was well deserved. And I know they were weird but I kind of loved all of the KChenoweth costume moments. Totally agree about the Jersey Boys performance being very out of place- it felt very sales-y. Lastly, I was really surprised how much I liked the number from It Should Have Been You; I think the same song was performed the week before at the Drama Desks and I hadn't liked it at all.