Tuesday, May 21, 2013

9 to 5: The Musical

I recently saw 9 to 5: The Musical at The Cumberland County Playhouse. As it has been lately, my review is up on BroadwayWorld.com. You can find it HERE
My advice, in a nutshell, is to catch this show! 


  1. I saw this show during its brief run on Broadway with Allison Janney is Violet. I found the show thoroughly enjoyable, but with the economics of Broadway being what they are, we've seen shows move to an endless parade of movie and TV stars to keep them going in recent years. In any event, I was happy to hear the show would be going on tour because it deserves to have a wider audience. The music was original and creative, and the content had been updated from the 1980 movie to bring it into modern days in a way that didn't seem contrived. I agree with your recommendation to see it!

  2. @Scott S : This was actually a regional production of the show. I didn't get to see the tour or the OBC. I thought it was a really cute show, but I can see how it wouldn't make it for long on Broadway. Especially since they had it in the Marriott theatre. WAY too big.