Thursday, September 20, 2012

Les Misérables Preview

I am not typically a movie crier. I just rarely cry when it comes to movies or television. I never have. Even at really sad movies, like The Notebook. Never shed a tear. I'm not heartless, I promise. I feel sad. But there just usually aren't any tears. I do tend to cry at plays, musicals, live performances. Especially musicals. I've always been moved by music and any live performance just enhances so many emotions for me.
Today there was an article on BroadwayWorld that shared a youtube video with an extended preview of the new Les Misérables film that opens Christmas Day. I've never seen a staged version of Les Miz, but I have seen the 25th Anniversary Concert. I own it on DVD. And while I was curious about the new movie, I wasn't overly excited.
Would I have gone to see the movie? Yes. But after seeing the extended preview, I will more than likely be in the theatre Christmas Day. If not that day, very soon thereafter.

I was incredibly touched by the fact that the music in the film was recorded live, instead of pre-recorded and dubbed over...and auto-tuned to death, like so many films and television shows are these days. *cough*glee*cough* Truth: I cried while I watched this extended preview. Does that make me a big dork? Probably.


I am not sure what the final outcome will be for the movie. It might flop. It might be amazing. The casting might be off. Or maybe not. I'm not even sure if I'll like it. But if the preview and the trailer are any indication, I think I'll be a fan.

Do you have any opinions on this movie? Will you be sitting in a theatre on Christmas Day to watch it as well?

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