Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Music Man

Cumberland County Playhouse currently has a production of Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man running. I was lucky enough to get to see it on opening night, but due to travel and lack of writing inspiration, I’m just now getting to this post.
Picture taken from CCP's facebook page
I’ve come to expect great things from any production at Cumberland County Playhouse. The caliber of talent that is contained in the resident actors and CCP’s ability to bring in others to enrich what they already have has led to many, many great things.

One of the best things that I’ve noticed at CCP is that many of the actors wear multiple hats. Choreographer, set designer, dance teacher, director. Leila Nelson, who choreographs pretty much everything at CCP, pulls double duty with The Music Man. Not only is she choreographer, she’s also director of this beautiful production. 

Britt Hancock as Harold Hill; pic from CCP's
facebook page
Leading this amazing cast are Britt Hancock, as the wandering swindler Harold Hill, and Lindy Pendzick as River City librarian Marian Paroo. When you add in the large cast, many of which are children, it adds even more energy to the stage. Adding laughter to the stage are Jason Ross and Carol Irvin as Mayor Shinn and his wife Eulalie Shinn.

With a beautiful set, designed by Leonard Harman, and costumes by Renee Luttrell & Rebel Mickelson, this show is top notch. I’ve been known to say that The Music Man is slightly cheesy…and to a point, it is. But this production brings spark and life back to what can be an overdone and slightly worn out show. CCP has a way of taking something I expect and making it so much better.

Some of the stand out numbers during the show were the opener, “Rock Island,” the beautiful lullaby “Goodnight My Someone,” sung by Marian. Then there is the ever famous “Seventy-Six Trombones,” and one of my favorite silly songs, “Gary, Indiana.” The only number I’m not a fan of in the whole show isn’t because of the performance, it’s just because the word “Shipoopi” kind of freaks me out. :)

If you’re looking for a family oriented show that brings amazing talent and fun to life, this show’s for you. Don’t be afraid to bring your kids and don’t be afraid to see it if you’ve seen other productions. This one will leave you smiling and whistling or humming along.

The Music Man runs at Cumberland County Playhouse until September 1st. You can get tickets online HERE or by calling 931-484-5000.

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  1. I really liked CCP's production of Music Man because it could've easily come off as cheesy, but instead it was campy and very fun with a great cast.