Saturday, February 25, 2012

Broadway Spring Wish List - Anything Goes

I had originally intended to make my Spring Wish List for Broadway shows be all new shows either that have just opened or will be opening soon. But the truth is, there are several shows running on Broadway right now that I would love to see but haven't had the chance yet. 

It's one of the pitfalls of living so far away from New York. I often completely miss shows that I want to see. One in particular show that I've been trying to see for over a year now is the revival of Anything Goes. Being quite broke, it seems like I can either not afford to go, or they discounted HipTix (which is a FANTASTIC program) are sold out any time I'm planning a trip to New York. Basically, Anything Goes is a hot ticket. And I've yet to be able to fit it in.

One of the reasons I've been dying to see the show is Sutton Foster. I love her. She's an honest triple threat, she looks like a girl you were friends with in high school, and any time I've seen her interviewed she seems as sweet as can be. Another reason was the video clips I kept seeing of the title number in the show. It's truly is a show stopper, due in part to Sutton Foster who has an incredible company performing with her.

I knew she wouldn't stick around forever. A long run usually means that the leads are often replaced as they leave for other projects. However, it's official. Sutton's last day in the show is March 11th.  She's leaving to film a television show (Congrats, Sutton!). The lovely Stephanie J. Block is stepping into the role (she was in while Sutton was off filming the pilot to the above mentioned TV show). While I'd love to see Stephanie as well, I'd really really like magic to happen and be able to see Sutton before she leaves.

Truth be known, it probably won't happen. All I can say is thank goodness for youtube. And someday I WILL see Sutton Foster on stage. It's one of my goals. Sutton, you're the top.

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  1. This is an old post, so I apologize for back dating - but I just discovered your blog and I've got to say - you do a great job.

    Anyway, I got to catch Sutton Foster in Anything Goes, and she was absolutely incredible. You are so completely right to fixate on her - she's one of the Broadway stars of our generation.

    Keep up on the good work - I'm in Kentucky and TN usually, so maybe one day I'll check out a show you blogged about!