Thursday, September 15, 2011

Find a Show

So is one of my favorite sites dedicated to theatre. For a while they have had a tool on the site that you could put in what is important to you in a show and it would give you suggestions on what you might like to see. I never used "Pick-a-Show", other than the first time I tried it out because I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want to see when I head to New York.

But, BroadwayWorld made an announcement yesterday that I think is pretty amazing. They are expanding the tool to include regional theatre at well! I actually went in and put in my zip code and it pulled up a whole list of shows close to me. Of course, the closest is Cumberland County Playhouse and all of their current shows are listed right at the top (because, from what I can tell, they put them in distance order).

According to the website, it is going to be expanded over time in order to include all of the regions that BroadwayWorld covers. So go in and give it a spin to see if your region is included!

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