Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Posting about NY

So I'm posting...about a guest post I did. :) I have a second online life that allowed me to meet some great people over the years. Several of those people live in and around the New York City area. This makes for great trips to the city and even greater trips to the theatre since I can almost always convince my good friend Allison to go see a show with me.

Allison blogs at Lemonade Life. Her blog started out as a blog about diabetes, but has transformed into a blog about life. Diabetes is part of it, but also her recent wedding, what it's like living in New York, fun memes, and posts about other things that interest her are also present.

Several weeks ago Allison asked me to guest post on her blog. And she didn't want me to write about diabetes (GASP!)...she wanted me to write about New York City. I, of course, said yes and wrote a post about New York from a tourist's point of view. Cause even though I may not like the title, I'm still a tourist. Sigh.

The post was amazingly fun to write for me, so if you wanna check out what I think about New York, go check out my post on  Allison's blog!

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