Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chicago-Music Preview

Chicago opens tomorrow night at the Cumberland County Playhouse. I won't be seeing it until Saturday night, but I hope they "break a leg" on opening night and I have no doubt that they will. In preparation for Chicago's opening, the Cumberland County Playhouse has been posting You Tube videos of different things. I've already reposted some of them, but this one is fairly new. It is one of the practice sessions for the "pit."

It is amazing because every performance at the Playhouse has live music. Smaller theaters tend to part with live musicians in favor of tracts to save money. But not the Playhouse. Even in their times of financial crisis, they still have live music. I think that is noble and wonderful. Because truth of the matter is that live music is just better in a theatre performance. Period.

So, enjoy this video clip of the musicians performing the Entreact from Chicago. And remember it opens Thursday, July 21st. Get your tickets HERE.

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