Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Supporting the Arts

In the economic downturn of the past several years many things have suffered. People have less money and less ability to go enjoy the arts. Especially theatre and live music. I've been very blessed that I've somehow managed to be able to see more than I did before. I'll admit that finding the money hasn't been easy, and I've gotten some good deals and great blessings that have helped along the way.

My obsession with theatre has exploded in recent years, leading to my starting this blog. One of the things that has made it easier and cheaper for me to see shows has been the Cumberland County Playhouse. This tiny theatre that is about an hour from my house, has been open since 1965. The professional productions have been a blessing for me.

Speaking as someone who sees professional shows a LOT, Cumberland County Playhouse puts on some top notch productions and have some amazing actors in house. This was the theater that I saw my first play in as a child. Many local school groups travel to CCP each year. In these groups are children who may never see another play or musical in their lives. In these groups could be the next generation of Tony winners or the next fine arts journalist or critic. Or they could just be like me, a theatre lover who likes to blog.

But the Cumberland County Playhouse is in trouble. They are suffering financially and sent out a message to their e-mail list and on their facebook page last week pleading for help. Without a significant change in ticket sales and/or donations, the Cumberland County Playhouse faces closing its doors after 46 years.

This would be a devastating blow to the community and the strides to bring more culture to this area. Not to mention the blow it would be to me, personally. The Playhouse gives me my theater fix since I live so far away from New York City.

I know times are tough. I know not everyone can afford to help. But if you can afford to go see a show, please go. If not, donate something. Even five or ten dollars can help. We need this theatre open. They need our help, in whatever way you can give it. To order tickets or donate over the phone, you can call 1 (931) 484-5000. If you want to buy tickets or donate online (via debit, credit, or paypal), visit their website HERE.

Please don't let this amazing theatre close its doors. Please take the time to help keep the arts alive on the Cumberland Plateau.

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